Halcyon COVID-19 Advice

From 24 February 2022 all of the UK government’s COVID legal restrictions have been removed and replaced by guidance set out in the plan ‘Living with COVID’ which is applicable until 1st April.  The pandemic has not gone away and Halcyon requests that all members and guests adhere to the guidance to protect us all and curb the spread of the virus as much as possible.


Members are requested NOT to attend a ramble or Club social event if they

a) Have any COVID symptoms (a new continuous or recently increased cough, high temperature and/or loss or change of taste and smell).

b) Are self-isolating for at least 5 days followed by a negative lateral flow test on each of days 6 and 7 to confirm being free from infection.


1)    Members/Guests are asked to sign on for each ramble (either on the day or by pre-booking if required by the leader) and confirm their contact number.

2)    If, after pre-booking, you have to cancel inform the leader prior to the ramble.

3)    It is strongly recommended that both Members and Guests are fully vaccinated.  Anyone NOT fully vaccinated should inform the walk leader, in confidence, when signing on.

4)    Members/Guests must comply with the Risk Assessment presented by the leader prior to the start of the ramble.

5)    Inform the leader if you are having any problems or are unwell whilst on a ramble.

6)    If you develop COVID symptoms or have tested positive within 3 days following a ramble please notify the Halcyon Secretary who will inform other Members/Guests who may have been affected.

7)    Members must have with them their up-to-date Green Card emergency/medical details – indicate on this if you are fully vaccinated also if you carry an inhaler or EpiPen.

8)    Use a face covering/mask in case of accidents or incidents.

9)    If possible, download the ‘What3Word’ or the now preferred ‘OS Locate’ App (requires a smartphone).

10)  Members should be familiar with the following Halcyon Guidelines.

a) Halcyon requirements/guidelines for members/guests with dogs (with brief notes on Rights of Way and Access Land). Issued January 2011.

b) Recommendations and guidelines for members and ramble leaders. Revised February 2022

c) Accident/incident report form. 3rd Revision February 2022.

Updated and 4th re-issue 24 February 2022